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Tennessee Workers' Compensation Attorneys Assisting Injured Workers in Kingsport

Assertive workers' compensation lawyer in Kingsport protects employee rights

It is common to fear being hurt on the job — or to worry about medical care, missed work and lost wages, and the possible loss of your job. Yes, you are protected by workers' compensation insurance, but there is always the possibility that things will go wrong. If they do, a Kingsport workers' compensation lawyer from The Law Office of Stephen L. Gilly can ensure that you receive the treatment you deserve.

Workers' compensation benefits both employees and employers

Workers' compensation provides money and medical benefits to an employee who is injured in the workplace due to an accident, injury or occupational disease. It is designed to benefit both employer and employee. The employee receives money and benefits, but forfeits the right to sue, and the employer receives immunity from court action in exchange for accepting liability that is limited and determined.

The issue of negligence or fault does not arise. It does not matter whether the employee or the employer caused the accident. If, however, the employer shows willful intent to injure the worker or threatens to discharge or terminate the employee for filing a workers' compensation claim, the employee can sue for damages in addition to workers' compensation benefits. Moreover, if an employer does not have workers' compensation coverage, an injured worker may sue the employer in civil court or file a claim against the state workers' compensation system.

There are certain workers' compensation situations that require legal help:

  • Your employer is putting pressure on you to return to work before you are ready
  • The doctor that you chose from the list available through your employer is not providing proper treatment
  • The insurance company processing your claim on behalf of your employer is not paying an adequate amount of money
  • A negligent third party was responsible for your workplace injury
  • There is an element of sexual harassment or discrimination
  • You have been wrongfully terminated

What a Tennessee workers' compensation attorney can do for you

Stephen L. Gilly is an experienced Kingsport workers' compensation lawyer who can help with any of these situations:

  • If you are being pushed into returning to work before you are ready, your lawyer can put pressure on the employer. If that does not work, you can file a lawsuit.
  • If the doctor is not providing appropriate treatment, a competent doctor must be made available from the list provided by the employer. If not, you can file a lawsuit.
  • If the money you are receiving is inadequate, action must be taken to increase the monetary benefits.
  • If a negligent third party was responsible for the accident, legal action is in order.
  • If sexual harassment or discrimination is involved, you can sue your employer.
  • If you are wrongfully terminated, you can sue your employer.

The lawyers at The Law Office of Stephen L. Gilly are thoroughly familiar with Tennessee workers' compensation laws, and they can ensure that you get the medical and monetary benefits, job security and personal treatment you deserve.

Kingsport workers' compensation attorneys who get results

The Law Office of Stephen L. Gilly has the knowledge and practical skills to help you obtain maximum monetary and medical compensation for a work-related injury or illness. For legal help with workers' compensation, you pay a contingent fee — meaning that you do not pay unless your case is successful. We have a personable and a down-to-earth approach that you will enjoy. Located in Kingsport, we serve clients throughout Tennessee and Virginia. Call us at 423-246-3811 to arrange for a free initial consultation, or contact us online.