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Wills & Estate Lawyers in Kingsport, Tennessee

Dedicated lawyers know how to probate a will in Tennessee

Planning for the possibility of your own physical incapacity or death is not pleasant, yet it is a vitally important — and loving — thing to do for your family. The lawyers at The Law Office of  Gilly Hill & Schaefer are experienced in drawing up wills, and are well-versed in Tennessee estate law. With their compassionate approach and their reputation for success, you will be pleased that you have taken this step.

We handle all aspects of wills and estates, including:

  • Estate planning — including wills, trusts and powers of attorney
  • Probate — including how to petition for probate in the state of Tennessee

A will establishes who will inherit your property. If you have young children, it can also name a guardian who will take care of your children if you and the other parent die or become incapacitated. A living trust provides a way of avoiding the complexities of probate court. Financial power of attorney enables you to designate an agent who can handle your finances if you are unable to do so.

Probate is a legal process that starts with a petition to open your estate and name an administrator. In Tennessee, probate requires many formal legal documents, so it is extremely important that you have the assistance of a competent and experienced probate lawyer.

Estate Planning in Kingsport, Bristol and Johnson City

People typically think of estate planning in terms of wills and trusts alone, but comprehensive estate planning is much more than that. It includes end-of-life planning and medical planning for possible accidents or incapacity. It may also involve living wills and life insurance trusts. It is far more comprehensive and helpful than you realize.


Probate laws in Tennessee are complex, and require legal expertise. Such laws ensure that creditors get paid, and that assets are distributed properly to heirs.

Probate begins with a petition to open the estate and name a personal representative responsible for administering it. This representative is the person who can pay the estate’s debt and distribute the remainder of the estate.

The help you need with Kingsport wills and estates

The Law Office of Gilly Hill & Schaefer, a firm that is grounded in Tennessee estate laws, provides guidance and practical solutions to the challenges of wills, estates and probate. We offer personal attention and a refreshingly down-to-earth approach. Located in Kingsport, we serve clients throughout Tennessee and Virginia. Call us at 423-246-3811 to arrange for a free initial consultation, or contact us online.