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Kingsport Paternity Lawyer Assisting Families in Bristol, Johnson City and Abingdon

Seasoned Kingsport paternity lawyers bring results

If you are the mother of a child born out of wedlock, you can take paternity action against the biological father and ask the court to order him to pay child support. Requiring the father to pay child support does not, however, confer automatic legitimacy. If you are the biological father of an out-of-wedlock child, and you wish to become the legal father, you must bring a legitimation action in order to gain this right. The Kingsport paternity attorneys at The Law Office of Gilly Hill & Schaefer have a track record of success in the area of paternity and legitimation, and they can help both mothers and fathers in out-of-wedlock scenarios.

Paternity can be easily determined today

In the past, it was not possible to determine the paternity of an out-of-wedlock child with certainty. Today, however, thanks to the technology of DNA testing, paternity can be accurately ascertained. This means that if the identity of the father is unknown, or if the known father denies paternity, the court can order a DNA test.

  • If the results of the DNA test are positive, the biological father will be ordered to pay child support.
  • After paternity is established, fathers cannot voluntarily terminate their parental rights.
  • Once paternity is established, child support, custody and visitation rights can be determined in the same way as they are for married parents.

Help with disputes over paternity, child support and legitimation


The Law Office of Gilly Hill & Schaefer provides practical help for mothers and fathers of children born out of wedlock.

Paternity attorneys in Kingsport provide valuable help with paternity disputes

The Law Office of Gilly Hill & Schaefer, Kingsport paternity lawyers serving Bristol and Johnson City, TN, is there for you when the unexpected happens. We are experienced in resolving issues of paternity and establishing legitimation. Located in Kingsport, we serve clients throughout Tennessee. Call us at 423-246-3811 to arrange for a free initial consultation, or contact us online.